Logbook Setup - Step 1 of 3
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  Welcome to Logbook Setup.  
  Please enter the information required to identify and to access your new logbook. Anything you enter here can be changed later.  
  When done, click Proceed.  
  Identity. All fields are required.
Diver Name
  This name will appear on the top of each page of the logbook.
eMail Address
  We will never make this eMail address available to a third party.
  Logbook Access. All fields are required.
Logbook ID
  The ID allows browsing through the logbook.
Password Repeat Password
  The password is required for making modifications in the logbook, i.e. logging new dives, editing logged dives, updating certifications and altering the logbook profile.
  Browsing Protection Mode
  There are two alternative browsing protection modes:
  (1) Unrestricted Browsing
You can allow friends, dive operators etc. to view your logbook by providing them with the Logbook ID. You also can set links to your logbook from web pages, e-mail messages etc. using the Logbook ID. To make any modifications in the logbook, the password will be requested.
  (2) Restricted Browsing
Password is always requested to access the logbook. After entering Logbook ID and Password, the logbook opens for browsing as well as modifications.
Please select the desired mode:    
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